Sdhuge Group

Sdhuge Group

Founded in 1995, formerly known as Shandong Huge Water Technology Co., Ltd.; In 2011 has established formal cooperation with SECESPOL GROUP and became the exclusive agent in china. As the introducer of international advanced originality Corrugated Spiral Tube Bundle Heat Exchanger into Chinese market. In 2003 SDHuge became exclusive agent of SECESPOL in Asia and since then expanded cooperation with foreign client, which take charge of its Asian market and technique support service. Our company from a technological marketing-oriented firm planed to change to a manufacturing-oriented firm.
In 2008 Jinan Secespol Heat Exchanger System Co., Ltd. was founded in Jinan High-tech Zone with captital US$ 8 million by SDHuge and its Polish partner and designated as exclusive agent and trademark-holder in China. With the establishment of this company, SDHuge has possessed complete equipment, which is focused on European design and products and has the capacity of manufacturing and design of solution plan, and completed the development of a new leap.





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